Tuesday Night Bible Study

Registration is now open for the fall season launching September 13.
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Topic: John: The 
Divinity of Christ
Dates: September 13th - December 6th
Time: 6:30 pm Tuesday Nights
Location: Event Center on the Shadow Mountain Main Campus (2100 Greenfield Dr.)

Week 1: Intro to John
Week 2: In The Beginning (John 1:1-2:25)
Week 3: Whoever Believes in Him (John 3:1 - 4:54)
Week 4: The Bread of Life (John 5:1-6:71)
Week 5: Hostile Reactions (John 7:1-8:59)
Week 6: An Eye-Opening Experience (John 9:1-10:42)
Week 7: A Premature Burial (John 11:1-57)
Week 8: Treacherous Times  (John12:1-13:38)
Week 9: The True Vine (John 14:1-15:27)
Week 10: The Prayers of Jesus (John 16:1-17:26)
Week 11: Indignities and Injustice (John 18:1-40)
Week 12: The Hill of Golgotha (John 19:1-42)
Week 13: Four Remarkable Encounters (John 20:1-21:25)

Note: We will not meet on Tuesday November 22nd

What is the Tuesday Night Men's Bible Study?
The Tuesday Night Men’s Bible Study is essential to what we do in Men's Ministry. It is a group of over 350 men who gather weekly around round tables to worship, study God’s Word and discuss it together.

What Does a Typical Night Look Like?
The agenda is simple. We begin with a live worship time led by the talented Men’s Ministry Band. This is followed by a 20-minute message taught by one of our staff pastors. The message centers around the book or study guide selected for the season.

This is followed by 45 minutes of discussion time. The discussion questions are taken from the selected study guide. All men who attend receive a free copy of the study guide and are encouraged to complete the corresponding chapter before attending.

The night ends with prayer and announcements. And as with all good men’s gatherings snacks and hot coffee are always provided.

Is the Bible Study Year Round?
There are currently 3 bible study seasons offered every year with short breaks in between. There is a spring, summer and fall study. The length of the studies range from 6-12 weeks long depending on the season.

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