How can you get involved?

There are many options for various schedules that will allow you and your spouse to get plugged into our Young Marrieds community, including:

Have fun browsing the links below to learn more about our community and what we offer. We also invite you to come join us this Sunday and experience firsthand how God is moving young families at Shadow Mountain Community Church.



TLC is simply a “Tender, Loving, Caring” ministry extended to the married couples and families within the Young Marrieds Ministry. Some consider it the "big hug" of the Young Marrieds Ministry. Our goal is to support one another through different seasons of life by simple acts of kindness, sharing, and servanthood. This ministry is designed to not only share the love of Christ within our church family, but also to create opportunities for members to get involved and serve each other in various ways:

Meal Ministry Team
As a part of the meals team you'll have the opportunity to make and deliver meals to Young Marrieds members in need (families with new babies, extended illness, surgeries, etc.). You can accept or decline opportunities as they arrive.  Sign up to receive emails on opportunities to bring meals by emailing Allison Williard.

First Time Mommy Shower Ministry Team
This TLC Ministry throws periodic baby showers or prayer showers for first time moms in the Young Marrieds Ministry. As a part of this ministry team, you will be setting up and cleaning up the baby shower event, making and/or providing food, and helping with other miscellaneous activities for the shower. Contact Allison Williard for more information.


Mantivities are events geared especially for the men of the Young Marrieds Ministry. They are literally men's activities (man-'tivities). We have one Mantivity every month or so, for men to connect with each other, have fun, and just be men. Our Mantivities range from once a month prayer nights to hikes and paintball.  You can view our upcoming events by clicking here.

Want to Get Involved?
Are you interested in attending events or maybe to help plan our next Mantivity? Contact us for more information.


Marriage Mentoring Mission
Marriage mentoring can be broken down into one simple phrase, “Linking seasoned couples with less experienced couples.” The mission of the Marriage Mentoring Ministry is to help newlywed couples build solid foundations to prepare them for the challenges of a lifelong commitment to a Christ-centered marriage, strengthen and maximize stable marriages into greater deepening and enrichment, and last of all, encourage and support marriages seeking restoration.

"We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God's Good News but our own lives, too" (1 Thessalonians 2:8).

  • Preparing Newlywed Marriage
Couples spend months and years planning for the perfect wedding and even have pre-marital counseling beforehand. In the days, weeks, and even years following the ceremony though, they still feel like they are not adequately prepared to have a successful commitment to a Christ-centered marriage. The Marriage Mentoring Ministry is here to help young marriages navigate the pathway to a successful lifelong commitment to their spouse.

  • Maximizing Stable Marriages
All marriages need encouragement and support, even the most stable of couples. Sometimes stable marriages get neglected because many see their marriages as "doing well." Still, these marriages may be missing out on having a greater passion. The Marriage Mentoring Ministry seeks to provide greater insight into one's own marriage and find ways to help maximize their lifelong commitment to each other.

  • Repairing Distressed Marriages
Distressed marriages are edging closer to divorce or recovering from major crises in their marriage. These couples may be in need of counseling, going through counseling, or just finished counseling. The Marriage Mentoring Ministry lets these couples know they are not alone, and that restoration is possible, by helping walk alongside of them in their time of distress.

Want to sign up or have questions?
Please contact Pastor Troy Leeman for more information. You can email him at or call him at (619) 590-1717.



We know that not all married couples have kids. Party-4-Two is a ministry within the Young Marrieds Ministry for married couples who do not have little ones in tow. If you don't have children, aren't thinking about it yet, or don't plan on it any time soon (or ever), and you want to get to know other couples in the same stage as you, this is the group for you! It's a great opportunity to meet some new friends, be encouraged, and have some fun.

When does Party-4-Two meet?
Party-4-Two meets periodically for game nights, dinner nights out, and more. Have a great idea for a Party-4-Two event? Well, we love to take turns planning different events for the group, so we'd love for you to plan something with us! Check out the "Events" tab to the right to see when our next get-together is!  Contact Allison Williard for more information. 

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