Middle School Ministry Small Groups

Every Wednesday

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Every Wednesday, Middle School Ministry will gather for worship and a message, then meet in their small groups.

What are Small Groups?

A Middle School Small Group is:

  • 5-15 students
  • 2-4 adult leaders
  • Activity-oriented
  • Same sex, same grade
  • Grouped by existing friendship clusters
  • Christ-centered


 A Small Group should offer:

  • A place that welcomes every student
  • A safe and fun environment
  • Loving and caring adult relationships
  • Positive peer friendships
  • Biblical answers
  • Prayer for and with others
  • Chance to receive Christ 


Why Small Groups?

  • To give everyone a place to belong and feel accepted.
    • Quiet students share
    • Absent students are missed
    • Work with friendship clusters, not against them
    • Provide support structure for newborn Christians
    • Chance to grow spiritually
  • Allow young people caring adult relationships, feedback and council.
  • Provide adults an entry point for real ministry into student life.


 How it works?

Drop Off:

  • Doors open 6:15 pm
  • If this is their first time or they have not been assigned to a small group, they will need to stop by the front desk to be placed in a group.


 During Program Time:

  • Program will begin at 6:30 pm in the middle school room.
  • Middle School Ministry is a no phone zone. All cell phones will be silenced and put away during the message and small group time. If you need to contact your student in the event of an emergency, please call or text (619) 569-4885.
  • We will have a game time, worship, and a Biblical message. 
  • After this, students will be dismissed for small groups. 
  • Each small group will meet in their individual locations to discuss the message and pray together. 


 Pick Up:

  • Small groups will end at 8:15 pm. 
  • Students may call or text after small groups is over.
  • Parent pick-up time is between 8:15pm - 8:30 pm.


 Not in a small group yet? You can still join us! Just arrive at 6:15 pm and come to the check in table. We will assign you to a group!



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