What are Small Groups?

A Middle School Small Group is:

  • 5-15 students
  • 2-4 adult leaders
  • Activity-oriented
  • Same sex, same grade
  • Grouped by existing friendship clusters
  • Every Wednesday night
  • Christ-centered

 A Small Group should offer:

  • A place that welcomes every student
  • A safe and fun environment
  • Loving and caring adult relationships
  • Positive peer friendships
  • Biblical answers
  • Prayer for and with others
  • Chance to receive Christ

Why Small Groups?

  • To give everyone a place to belong and feel accepted.
    •  Quiet students share
    • Absent students are missed
    • Work with friendship clusters, not against them
    • Provide support structure for newborn Christians
    • Chance to grow spiritually
  • Allow young people caring adult relationships, feedback and council.
  • Provide adults an entry point for real ministry into student life.

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