Prayer at Shadow Mountain

At Shadow Mountain Community Church, we believe in the power of prayer, individual and corporate. Click on the links below to discover all of the opportunities to pray.

Things that we think are impossible, God does when people pray.
  • Prayer has won victories over fire and air and earth and water.
  • Prayer opened the Red Sea.
  • Prayer brought water from the rock and bread from heaven.
  • Prayer made the sun stand still.
  • Prayer brought fire from the sky on Elijah's sacrifice.
  • Prayer overthrew armies and healed the sick.
  • Prayer raised the dead.
  • Prayer has paved the way for the conversion of millions of people.
  • When we pray, we align ourselves with the purposes of God and tap into the power of the Almighty.
Prayer, the Great Adventure

Dr. David Jeremiah, 1997

Prayer Ministries

Watchman on the Wall

Missions Prayer Partners

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