Spiritual Gifts

A Spiritual Gift Inventory is available to you as a tool to learn your top strengths!

Two options are available:

  • Hard copy survey provided at the New Members Class or from Servant Ministries that can be scored by you or your Ministry Advisor upon meeting.
  • Online version offered at this link spiritual gifts analysis online with scoring sent to you immediately upon submission. If you would like to meet with a Ministry Advisor and go over the results, please forward your scores to Joyce.Tepfer@Shadowmountain.org

Survey Details:

  • This is not a pass/fail test but rather a tool to give direction in maximizing service opportunities.
  • Try to not over-think the answers but give your first immediate response.\
  • Avoid defaulting to the middle answer too frequently, it will not provide a true picture of your interests.
  • Allow 15 -20 minutes to answer the questions in the privacy of your home



Discover your top Spiritual Gifts

  • Define what your top gifts mean (see below)
  • Decide how you are going to unwrap and use your gift in terms of people-groups, personal passion and possible scheduling
  • Develop those gifts by trying out different scenarios until the right fit confirms the assignment.

Knowing your strong gifts can open doors for you to use in service to the Lord.


Spiritual Gifts Definitions

ADMINISTRATION: Leader/Organizer - The inward motivation to organize and coordinate the activities and efforts of others and to set goals for them to meet in these efforts.

EVANGELISM: To Bring The Good News - The enablement to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they respond and move forward in a saving relationship with Christ.

EXHORTATION: Encourager/Advisor - The inward motivation to stimulate action in others through counsel and to outline practical steps others should take to overcome problems.

GIVING: Contributor/Supporter - The inward motivation to provide financial support for other worthwhile people, projects and organizations and to wisely use and invest money to provide for such support.

MERCY: Comforter/Empathizer - The inward motivation to identify with the emotions of others and to provide comfort to those who are in emotional distress.

PROCLAIMING: Prophesier/Protector - The inward motivation to publicly speak out concerning what is perceived as God's truth and to reveal what is right and wrong.

SERVING: Helper/Provider - The inward motivation to detect legitimate needs others have and to find practical ways to provide for these needs.

SHEPHERD/PASTOR: To Shepherd A Flock - The divine ability to nurture, care for, and guide people toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

TEACHING: Researcher/Instructor - The inward motivation to carefully research truth and to clearly present truth to the others in such a way that it will be easy to learn.
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