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Wednesday Night Small Groups

6:15 - 8:15pm

We are so excited to be meeting together again for small groups! Every Wednesday, we meet for worship, a Biblical message, and small group discussion. Below are some details about how each night goes.

Drop Off:

  • Students should arrive at 6:15pm at the High School Room (at the south end of the Generations Building.)
  • Stop by the front desk if it is your first time at Shadow Youth or if you need to sign up for a small group. 
  • After checking in, continue into the High School Room


Program Time:

  • The program will begin at 6:30 pm in the High School Room.
  • There will be worship and a message from Pastor Grant.
  • After the message, students will be dismissed to go to their small group rooms.
  • In their small group rooms, they will spend time connecting with each other, discussing the message, and praying for each other.
  • Groups are broken up by grade and gender and students are assigned to the same group each week.


Pick Up:

  • Small groups will end at 8:15 pm. 
  • If you’re being picked up by a parent, have your parent call or text you when they arrive. You will then be able to leave your group to meet your parent.
  • If you don’t have a cell phone, your parent should find a staff member outside of the High School Room. The staff member will then contact your small group leader and have you come down to meet your parent.
  • If you drove yourself, you can leave on your own once your small group time is over. 


Not in a small group yet?

You can still join us! Just arrive at 6:15 pm and come to the check in table. We will assign you a group!

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