Dispelling the Myths

Is it possible you think you’re not needed?

Myth #1: It’s a big church that probably already has enough people serving.
Fact: There are always ministry opportunities that change daily.

Are you unaware of your spiritual gift mix?

Myth #2: I’m not sure what my gifts are so I probably don’t have any!
Fact: All believers receive gifting at the time of spiritual rebirth. We have tools to help you discover yours.

Do you wonder how to get connected to the possibilities?

Myth #3: No one but me knows what I can do, so my opportunities to serve are slim.
Fact: Our profile is a great way to learn about what you’ve done in the past and willing to do in the future. We value you by listening to your story and learning as much as possible about you. We care about you as a member of our Family and will offer connections on ministries for growth as well as service.  They are both equally important.

I don’t feel I’m equipped?

Myth #4: There can’t possibly be a place for someone as inexperienced as me!
Fact: On the job training and coaches are available at every front helping you discover if each opportunity is the right fit and how to succeed. We care about your success enough to not suggest ideas that don’t fit you/your gifts.

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