Middle School Ministry - Hume SoCal Summer Camp

Dates: June 19th – June 24th
Price: $669 (Includes essential costs such as transportation lodging, meals at camp, and regular programs. Does NOT include recreational costs such as souvenirs, food to and from camp, and extra recreational activities)


Don’t miss out on our “First Fifty Frenzy” Promotion!

The first 50 people to register for summer camp get $50 OFF! 

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Come join Middle School Ministry at Hume SoCal this summer! It’s a Christian summer camp nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains (near Big Bear); we will participate in recreational games, dynamic worship, and experiencing God in a way we know your student will love! 

For more information on Hume SoCal please visit their website HERE.

Registration is open for current 6th and 7th-grade students, as well as 5th-grade students who will be in 6th grade for Fall 2023. 8th-grade students will be with High School Ministry for their summer camp at Hume Lake. 


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Contact Information:
Kylee Thompson
(619) 569-4885
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